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Charlie Hunnam Fans

most actors his age wanna rake in cash, he wants to take a stab at immortality.

The Charlie Hunnam LJ Fan Community
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mod/owner: lilithlotr - please note that i don't know Charlie personally, nor do i have contact info for him.

There are three index posts pictures and graphics, external links - videos, interviews etc, Charlie's bio and filmography

1. Please avoid OT posts, spam, and ads for communities non Charlie related. You are only allowed to post a promotion for your community if it is directly related to Charlie Hunnam - if you're not sure if your community fits this description, e-mail me.

2. Use the LJ-cut tag for pictures, long posts and any fics that is longer than 100 words.

3. In brief - do NOT link to a friends only/members only post in another journal or community. When crossposting to another community - for example icon posts - do NOT lock that post to friends only or members only without deleting the post in this community first. If you post here with the intention of locking after a period of time, again delete that post when the time is up or i will.

4. Charlie is a human being, anything that is intrusive of his privacy will be deleted, we don't want to make life difficult for the poorhotsexyboy ok? By intrusive i mean contact info like personal email/address/phone number/mobile number or anything that we would assume he doesn't want to be common knowledge.

5. Flaming, trolling and general bitching is not allowed. We love Charlie here, there's no point in coming here to be nasty because we won't care.

6. Please use the following form if posting fic or art:

Use these to link back to us on your userinfo page by copying and pasting the text onto your userinfo, or take the pics for your website to link to us:

[Our Pics Post]Permanent post with each link to pics posted on hunnamfans
[Charlie's biography and filmography]This is his bio and filmography by the community
[List of links to Charlie related stuff]By the community, if someone links to something charlie related, articles or vids they will be archived here
[Charlie Hunnam] a site by lilithlotr
[Charlie Hunnam Online]comprehensive fansite, has LOTS of info and articles and stuff - defn worth a browse through :)
[Charlie Hunnam.com.ar] newbie fansite, still growing - keep an eye on it!
[IMDB]Charlie at the Internet Movie Database
[Yahoo Group] Charlie Hunnam International Fans - great yahoo! group, the biggest one that i know of<
[Myspace Fans] Charlie fans at Myspace

Charlie Hunnam Online

Charlie Hunnam.com.ar


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